Help Preserve Tex Randall

Tourism in Canyon is a thriving industry. With the preservation of Tex, our local residents and visitors from all over the United States, are again, able to enjoy this majestic western legend and all he represents. A kiosk will be added to the site with information on lodging, dining, shopping, and attractions in Canyon. This will encourage visitors to stick around a little longer to see what else Canyon has to offer.

For more information on how you can help preserve this landmark/attraction, please visit
the Tex Randall page.


Randall County Courthouse Restoration Project

Restoring the Randall Country courthouse is vital to this community if we want to preserve the marks left on our landscape by the many people who have shaped it. Restoring the past strengthens our future. It brings renewed pride and vitality to the community and instills the history, culture, traditions and values of our past to future generations.